If you read and enjoyed His Temporary Fix, you might wonder how Holly & Zack’s romance progressed after he left for Afghanistan.

Pretty well, actually   🙂


It’s not easy to get hold of Cpl. Zack Winter. For the next six months he’s on deployment in Afghanistan. However, he emails his girlfriend, Holly, every few days, and she agreed to share some of them with me.




I’m still in shock from your last email. What do you mean, you’ve never watched Star Wars? Any of them? We have to fix this. Right now. I bet Jasper will have copies if you ask him. There are 6 movies so far, and I can see your confusion about the order they come in. Best idea is to watch them like this: IV, V, VI – and then I, II, III. Trust me baby, it makes sense.

Fingers crossed I’m home in December and we can watch the new one in 3D on the big screen in town. So now you see, you have to watch them all before then   🙂

Zack x



Did I tell you, we have a bunch of Brits on patrol with us right now? It’s their first deployment here and so we’re babysitting while they find their feet. The good: They brought some cool candy with them, and a fresh supply of DVD’s. The bad: the DVDs are all British sitcoms. Like, classic ones. I’d kill for a boxed set of The Walking Dead, but instead we have something called ’Allo ’Allo. Yeah, right.

Gripper Evans is nudging my elbow telling me it’s his turn for the Internet link. If I show him a picture of you in your bikini, he says I can have his slot as well, but I told him to f*ck off.

Miss you, Zack x



Hol. You have to watch ’Allo ’Allo. It’s the funniest sitcom I’ve seen since forever. It’s set in occupied France, and has a bunch of French resistance fighting against the Germans. Brad nearly pissed himself laughing so hard. Download and watch series 1 and we can talk about it.

Well done on the Star Wars marathon. Told you Jasper would have copies, your bro is cool. Don’t laugh, but When I was a kid I had the hots for Princess Leia. I’ve grown up since then. Now I just think about you. That last picture you sent me is saved on my phone so I can look at it when I’m in bed. You know what I mean   🙂

Zack x



Dreamed about you last night, Hol. Miss you, babe. X



Sorry about the radio silence. We had to go on patrol, and got stranded off base. F*ckin hate this place sometimes.

Send me another picture please. Black lacy panties will be perfect  🙂

Zack x



You’re killing’ me here. I had to go and take a very long shower after that last picture. More please   🙂

Zack x



Book a week off work, 2-9 December. We’re back from deployment on the 1st.

I. Cannot. Wait.

PS stock up on condoms   🙂   🙂

PPS love you, Zack xx