Emerald City

A collaboration between Sofia Grey and Allyson Lindt

Return to Emerald City:

A Collection of Novellas

Updated – and being re-released as individual titles.

 Available 7 August 2015

His Pretend Girl

01 HisPretendGirl (3)f (2)

Dorothy’s life is too complicated for things like commitment and long term relationships. But if she were to hook up with someone, it would be Matthew Bradley… The gorgeous guy from Sales with the heart-melting smile, and smooth-as-chocolate voice. The problem is, he’s too busy noticing every other woman in the office to give Dorothy the time of day.

Enter Ben. He’s friendly, as a fellow programmer he gets her, and Dorothy has to admit he looks pretty sexy in a tux. He offers his services as her fake boyfriend for the company Christmas party, strictly to make Matthew jealous of course, and Dorothy jumps at the chance.

When it turns out Ben wants more than a pretend girlfriend, Dorothy has to decide if she’s holding out for the implausible when someone impossibly wonderful is already by her side.

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Available 14 August 2015

His Rock & Roll Girl

02 HisRockAndRollGirl(4) (1)For Quinn Blaydes, pushing his band Lionheart up the music charts, and on a never-ending string of tour stops is the best decision he ever made. Too bad it started with the biggest mistake of his life.

Roz let Quinn walk away to enjoy his fame, rather than become just another groupie. When he shows up in her video production studio three years after leaving her behind, she’s happy to show him she’s moved on, and he’s missed out. She just has to focus on why she let him leave, instead of remembering how good they were together.

With a second chance on the line, Quinn will have to admit fame and all the adoring fans in the world aren’t nearly so great if he can’t tell the woman he still loves how he feels.


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Available 21 August 2015

His Reboot Girl (extended version)

03 RebootGirl (3)d (5)

Scott wakes up with his head spinning, and not much else going on in his brain. He’d love to take the time to stop and figure out who he is and what he’s doing in a hospital bed, but apparently he’s the key suspect in a terrorist bombing.

The woman by his side insists she has the answers to his past, but the more he uncovers about her motives, the less he trusts her. Especially when one of her hostages triggers fond memories for Scott. If he can’t discover the truth on his own, his life won’t be the only one on the line.

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Available 28 August

His Conspiracy Girl

04 HisConspiracyGirl(4)f (1)Ten years ago, a horrific accident stole Camden’s limbs, his family, and his faith in people. Technology replaced his missing parts with synthetic ones, but it can’t bring back his sister and niece. If he can’t have the life he lost, he’ll settle for justice, by exposing CyGes, the company who built the faulty train that caused the accident, as the corrupt corporation they are.

When Morgana meets a sexy guy with synthetic vibrating fingers, she just wants a hook-up for the night. She doesn’t expect him to be the primary subject of the documentary she’s in town to shoot—a look at why CyGes is a world leader in technology. Even worse, he seems hell-bent on taking down her employer, and dragging her along for the ride.

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What readers are saying about Return to Emerald City

(Benjamin L. Langhinrichs): A very entertaining set of interlocking scifi romance novellas, thematically inspired by The Wizard of Oz, but that is more of an entertaining side note than a deep connection.

(Liza O’Connor): Two authors join forces to bring the Wizard of Oz tales into the future. Four stories, two from each author. There are certain features, such as the mag-line and Emerald City that remain consistent within all stories. Some characters show up in the other stories.

Also, if you look carefully, there is a Dorothy, a modern lion, a scarecrow, and a tin man. Otherwise, it’s just four well written futuristic romance stories about people with issues that need to be solved and are, but not always in the manner you expect.

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