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Perfect Stranger (Perfect Series #1)

When one night just isn’t enough

Room window with white and grey curtains, close up

My ex-boyfriend had commitment issues. My sadistic boss can’t keep his hands to himself. No wonder I wanted to celebrate my birthday by losing myself in the delicious Jordan Merrill. His Texan drawl alone is enough to make me weak at the knees.

Finding out he wants more should be a good thing. Only, we live hundreds of miles apart, and he’s every bit as much a workaholic as me. Juggling our schedules is a nightmare. I’m the only female senior manager in our company, and it’s taken me years to get here. Surrendering my career isn’t an option.

Even for Jordan.

I wanted a single night with a perfect stranger. I didn’t plan on falling in love.

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Perfect Rebound (Perfect Series #2)

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Jenny is so far out of my league, she might as well be in a different time zone.

Her ex abused her, and now she’s scared of giving away her heart again, especially to me, her best friend. I can’t bear the thought of losing Jenny, but I refuse to force her into another situation where she feels trapped.

I have a job offer on the other side of the world, and the clock is ticking down on our time together. I can be more than her rebound guy if she’ll only give me a chance.

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Perfect Place (Perfect Series #3)

(formerly published as Pole Position)

Room window with white and grey curtains, close up

My best friend or my lover. How can I choose?

My ex was my first, and he broke me.

My best friend, Danny, helped put me back together again, and I owe him so much. He’s the big brother I never had. As for dating, though? Not ready for that. Not until Jon sweeps me off my feet. Literally. He’s a Formula One racing driver who’s working his way through a divorce from Hollywood royalty, and we couldn’t have less in common.

When Jon looks at me with those blue eyes, and those dimples show in his smile, it’s easy to believe I’m the woman he adores. I could see myself falling for him, and that’s terrifying, especially since Danny hates Jon, and the feeling seems to be mutual. I want them to be friends. It’s not much to ask.

I can’t bear the thought of having to choose between them. My heart tells me to love Jon, but it’s lied to me before, and now I don’t know who to trust.

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