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Falling for the Grumpy Lieutenant (Aroha Retreat #2)

FftGL _200x300Lieutenant Toby Hurst was lucky to leave Iraq in one piece. Surgery managed to save his right hand, but it’ll never work properly again. At twenty-six, he didn’t plan to be invalided out of the army.

Being sent to the Aroha Retreat while he recovers is his personal idea of hell. He’ll have to mix with soldiers heading back to the action, while he spirals down into some kind of half-life. His girlfriend is looking for an excuse to leave him, and he’s at odds with everyone, even the gorgeous girl who looks after the gardens.

Isla MacKay has enough problems of her own to deal with. Her boyfriend trying to steal from her was bad enough, but being told she has to leave her rental property and find homes for the cats and kittens she’s been fostering, is devastating. The last thing she needs is a grumpy soldier snarling in her face, like a lion with a thorn in his paw, but she senses there’s a nice guy underneath the protective shell he’s created.

Can the soothing backdrop of Aroha Retreat weave its gentle magic on this broken soldier?

Coming 5 March 2022

Pre-order from Amazon

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