Pretending to Love (Love in Wellington #3)


Dorothy’s life is too complicated for things like commitment and long term relationships. But if she were to hook up with someone, it would be Matthew Bradley… The gorgeous guy from Sales with the heart-melting smile, and smooth-as-chocolate voice. The problem is, he’s too busy noticing every other woman in the office to give Dorothy the time of day.

Enter Ben. He’s friendly, as a fellow programmer he gets her, and Dorothy has to admit he looks pretty sexy in a tux. He offers his services as her fake boyfriend for the company Christmas party, strictly to make Matthew jealous of course, and Dorothy jumps at the chance.

When it turns out Ben wants more than a pretend girlfriend, Dorothy has to decide if she’s holding out for the implausible when someone impossibly wonderful is already by her side.

 ~ coming 17 August 2018 ~

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* * *  * *

Her Fiery Fix (Love at the Beach #4)


He’s setting fire to my heart

I’m detoxing my life. No drink, drugs or messing around with guys who use me. I came too close to the edge last year, and nearly lost everything. Now I live day to day, but I’m focused on the future. I don’t need Dean, a bossy-but-sexy firefighter to take an interest in me. He saved me once before, and when he figures out where he knows me from, I guarantee he won’t be able to get away from me fast enough.

One night turns into two, and I still want more. His take-command attitude in the bedroom is the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced, and every time he says “good girl” I want to wrap myself in the praise, even when he’s got me doing the dirtiest things.

We’re scorching between the sheets, but it’s my heart that’s going to get burned, and I don’t know how I’ll survive.

~ coming 15 September 2018   ~

Pre-order now from: Amazon iBooks Nook Kobo




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