A New Look for Sofia Grey’s Website

The time has come,' the Walrus said, To talk of many things: Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax — Of cabbages — and kings — ~ LEWIS CARROLL, The Walrus and the Carpenter   In this case, it was time for a makeover on my blog. I’m thrilled with how it looks now … Continue reading A New Look for Sofia Grey’s Website

Grab Yourself an Easter Bargain!

  PERFECT STRANGER by Sofia Grey is on sale for only $0.99 - along with over 70 other FREE and discounted books, in the Romance is Better than Chocolate sale. What do we secretly love about Easter? C’mon, be honest, it’s the chocolate. So why are 75+ FREE and bargain $0.99 romances ready to stuff … Continue reading Grab Yourself an Easter Bargain!

Everybody needs a friend

Silken Sheets & Seduction

I met with my local writer’s group today.

We get together once a month, and hang out for the afternoon, drinking tea / coffee, and making each other laugh. Sure, we’re serious too. We swap ideas for marketing, and discuss what trends are working in the book world at the moment, as well as the pro’s and con’s of self-publishing versus traditional publishing, but we also have fun. And it struck me, that writers need other writers.

There are some conversations that only writers ‘get’. Today we talked about the four forbidden ‘C’ words in romantic fiction (you can figure them out for yourself), and the perils of de-sexing a scene to make it suitable for a different audience. Who else would understand the frustration of formatting a document for uploading to Amazon and then realising the chapter headings are in the wrong font? Or the agony of sending a…

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Let the Games Begin – HOT M/M/F release from Allyson Lindt

  "I ABSO-COOKIE-LUTELY LOVE this story and am eager to read more!!"   Nobody writes scorching M/M/F menage romance better than Allyson Lindt, and I'm thrilled to host her on my blog today, and show off her latest release. Let the Games Begin! Seduction Games (previously released as Will Game for Cookies) is book 1 of … Continue reading Let the Games Begin – HOT M/M/F release from Allyson Lindt

Warning – shifter discount ahead… A Handful of Wolf is only $0.99

  If you love shifter romances, you can grab yourself a bargain. For one week only, A Handful of Wolf (Snowdonia Wolves #2) is discounted to $0.99.     If you like your heroes with a touch of humor and an ability to adapt on the fly and your heroines strong-willed and intelligent you are … Continue reading Warning – shifter discount ahead… A Handful of Wolf is only $0.99

If you could change one thing…?

Silken Sheets & Seduction

I’m knee deep in a time travel manuscript at the moment, and loving the story that’s developing, even as I’m bending my brains with the science of it. The premise is simple. The heroine, Juliet, does something that changes everything. Not just her life, but hundreds of people’s. That’s the tricksy part about time travel, you see. Tiny changes in the past can have massive impacts in the future.

This song fits the theme perfectly.

It got me thinking. If you could go back and change one thing, just one thing, what would it be?

The guy you dated when you were sixteen, because you were too insecure to say no to him?

The dead-end job you took, that you knew you hated on the day you started there?

The kid you were mean to at school, when it wouldn’t have cost you anything to be kind instead?

Or the…

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New release from Sofia Grey – Two Nights in Houston

  For anyone who enjoys rock romance or contemporary romance. It was short but had all the feeling of a full length book.   The next in my Event Horizon series is released today. Two Nights in Houston is a romantic novella that ties up some loose ends from Lying in Shadows. It's fun to … Continue reading New release from Sofia Grey – Two Nights in Houston

Let’s Rooooooccckkk

Silken Sheets & Seduction


That’s what I’ve been doing today, rocking out at the annual Homegrown music festival in Wellington, NZ. It’s a pretty cool event, with six sound stages from Dub ‘n’ Roots, to Electronica and the Rock Stage. Every act comes from NZ, hence the homegrown name. Geddit?


Three sessions stood out for me today. I baked in the scorching sunshine and ate ice cream while dancing to Tomorrow People. I watched an odd, but fascinating jazz-rap fusion band (Raw Collective), and I rocked out to NZ’s favourites, The Feelers. I’m slightly deaf, croaky when I speak, and have pink shoulders (despite sunblock!), but it was a pretty awesome day, and I look forward to going again next year.

It seems fitting that I should finally write and publish my hot rockers romantic suspense series. Lying in Shadows, the first in the Event Horizon series was released a week ago, and…

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New Release – Lying in Shadows

Lying in Shadows (Event Horizon #1) Release date – 24 February 2017 This book has a bit of everything, romance, betrayal, heartbreak and suspense. ~Obsessed Book Reviews It put you on your toes as the suspense of the situations unfolded. ~SN the Viking It kept me interested and guessing right the way through. ~Alpha Book … Continue reading New Release – Lying in Shadows

OMG – 1 week to release day!

Silken Sheets & Seduction


Quick stats for LYING IN SHADOWS (Event Horizon #1)

Time to write first draft: 3-4 months

Time it sat on my hard drive waiting for attention: 6 YEARS!!

Time to review, re-write, edit & polish: 6 months

Time until it’s released: 1 week

You could say, this one’s been a long time coming, but it finally gets released next week. I love the characters in this series, so much that they appear in other cross-over series and standalones. And that’s the beauty of owning the rights to your work – there’s no niggly issues with referencing other characters 🙂

It’s as much romance as it is suspense, set in a high-tech global company, where good people sometimes do bad things. Just like real life.

P.S. – Event Horizon are a rock band. This could be a whole new genre – hot rocker romantic suspense?

lyinginshadowsLying in Shadows (Event Horizon #1)


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