Lockdown Larder – Day 47 (Monday)

Spaghetti & Meatballs – and Nigel Slater’s Focacia   A family favourite for dinner tonight, and with a plan to use the leftovers tomorrow. I made a double-sized batch, using around 800 g of minced beef. I think this started life as a Jamie Oliver recipe, but I adapt it every time I make it. … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 47 (Monday)

Lockdown Larder – Day 43 (Thursday)

A lesson in sub-standard haloumi, a chicken fajita salad, and dessert pizza   Tonight, for once, we planned dinner around the dessert course. We rarely have a dessert, so this was a new departure for us. We would try to make a dessert calzone, and so it was important to have a light main course, … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 43 (Thursday)

Lockdown Larder – Day 32

We have mushrooms! Pizza for Sunday dinner!   The groceries arrived today. I was SO pleased to see there were fresh mushrooms. Still no fresh garlic, and still none of my favourite yoghurt (or any yoghurt), but plenty of everything else. I held up the bag of ‘shrooms. “We shall have pizza tonight,” I declared. … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 32

Lockdown Larder – day 8

Chicken stir fry – with a nod to Jamie Oliver I took a pack of three enormous chicken breasts from the freezer this morning, with the idea of wrapping them in bacon and roasting for dinner. However, by 5pm they were still largely frozen, and there were few other options that could be rustled up … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – day 8

Lockdown Larder – day 7

Seriously, The Best Broccoli of Your Life! It was steak pie night. A family-sized steak and gravy pie bought before lockdown, and frozen. Creamy, mashed potatoes on the side, and a chance to use up the tired head of broccoli in the fridge. I usually break it into florets and steam over the cooking potatoes, … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – day 7