Wellington Guys series

Busted (Wellington Guys #1)

new Busted cover - 600 x 900

Daniel finds more than he ever expected while helping a photographer friend with a last minute calendar shoot. When he meets Jamie, every assumption he ever made about himself is busted!

Daniel’s straight. His legion of ex-girlfriends would testify to the hunky personal trainer being fiercely hetero, so why does the idea of kissing Jamie feel so absolutely right?

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Loving Rush (Wellington Guys #2)

LovingRushWithLogosEd’s been best friends with Rush forever, watching from the sidelines while he rises through the ranks to become one of Hollywood’s top movie stars.

He can’t deny Rush anything. But letting him practice kissing, before he stars in his first gay role? Ed’s wanted Rush’s lips on him for as long as he can remember, but this won’t put just their friendship at risk. He’s not sure his heart will survive the encounter.

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72 Hours to Christmas (Wellington Guys #3)

72 Hours Until Xmas - Oct 2021_200x300There I am, freaking out on the late-night train when the power goes out. Did I mention it was stopped in a tunnel, and I’m afraid of the dark? I’m thirty seconds away from losing my mind when the gorgeous guy opposite—Anton—steps in to help.

He usually rides the train with a blonde girl. I’m pretty sure he’s straight, but I’d love to be wrong.

There are only three days until Christmas, when I’m supposed to be driving halfway across the country to see my sister and her family. I’d much rather stay here.

Hooking up with Anton might be the best Christmas present ever.

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Breathing Again

Breathing Again_WithLogosSgt. Travis Cooper is a hot mess. He’s a seething cocktail of PTSD, depression, and anger, with a side-helping of borderline alcoholism. The giant holes in his memory don’t help either. When his partner, Kyle, walks out after ten years together, and takes his beloved dog, Travis hits rock bottom.

There’s no kind of future if he can’t face up to his past. Somehow Travis has to learn to breathe again.

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Displaced 4-3Cast out by his race for taking a male lover, Henare lives as a man during daylight hours. At sunset he returns to the sea, to take his place as an immortal guardian of the water, the feared Taniwha. He’s never allowed anyone to get close, until TJ comes along.

Can this young man tame the mighty sea monster?

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