Out of Time series

Five hundred years in the future, society has evolved. People are trained to suppress emotions, and love is unheard of, except in remote, wild colonies. Relationships exist within selected couples, strictly for the purpose of raising children.

This way of life doesn’t suit everyone. Rebels run away to earlier time periods, where they can live freely. But if they contaminate the timelines, they threaten everything.

To prevent this, the ghardians—an elite squadron of soldiers chosen for their integrity and dedication to the law—hunt down time runaways and return them, to face justice. But when those who enforce the law find reason to break it, humanity’s past, present, and future are all put at risk.

~ coming soon

Marc’s Conflict (Out of Time #0.5)

Lila’s Wolf (Out of Time #1)

Isabella’s Airman (Out of Time #2)

Juliet’s Soldier (Out of Time #3)