Gorgeous guys – Hunk of the Week

In a vote between Week 1 (Ash) and Week 2 (Nate), who would you choose? (both is not an option)

WEEK 2 – This is Nate. He’s a wolf-shifter that’s roaming alone, having left his pack. He’s lean and mean, and has a huge appetite. Shifting uses a lot of calories. He’s into jazz clubs and drinking Jack Daniels.


WEEK 1 -This is Ash. Ex-black-ops. Black belt in 3 disciplines. Rides a Harley and drinks Miller Lite.


Images courtesy of 123rf.com

2 thoughts on “Gorgeous guys – Hunk of the Week

  1. I have to choose better of the not so good looking.
    Week 2. Mustache? 😛
    Week 3. I don’t like his hair cut. N white jeans? 😛

    Week 3 I guess.

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