Hunk of the Week #3

Two more delicious specimens of hunk-ness today.

Just like last week, please vote and tell me which you prefer. Maybe I have their bios wrong… maybe you need to write new ones for them… Or just make up their stories in your head. Whichever is best for you 🙂

Hunk #1

First we have Kurt. I think that despite his laid-back farm-boy appearance, he’s actually the lead singer in a major grunge band. He’s resting up following a major tour of Europe and is looking for some quiet time away from the media.


Hunk #2

And then we have Tobias. He could be a fireman. It’s hot and thirsty work, fighting fires. He needs to keep hydrated…

It’s hard work choosing. You need to help me out here… 🙂

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