Guest Blogger Sofia Grey!

Love, Lust, and Laptops

I am very pleased to welcome fellow Liquid Silver author Sofia Grey today! And she has kindly consented to let me torture her…ahem…answer some polite questions.  Yes, just questions. Settle in Sofia, and tell us more about your delicious wolfies!


Thank you for the invitation. I’m so excited to finally take a seat on the fabled purple couch. Michael Monaghan has parked his tight butt here. Jaci Burton. Jennifer Hassani. Georgia Woods. This is seriously the highlight of my day

1)    Why romance, and why paranormal specifically? 

I’ve been reading romance since picking up a battered Mills & Boon on a second hand book stall. Prior to that it was mostly Stephen King and contemp stuff, but then I discovered Jackie Collins and had a scuffed and much read copy of Hollywood Wives until it eventually fell apart. Paranormal is a new shift for me (no pun intended)…

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