Sofia’s Pack

Want to join my Pack?

How does it work?

– You get first dibs on all my new swag

– You get to see the ARCs for new books before everyone else

– If you’d like to read & review anything on my backlist, let me know and I’ll make sure you have a copy

What do you do in return?

The group is run from Facebook.

Every week we post a ‘mission’. This is usually tweeting or sharing something on FB, or liking a page. Nothing onerous.

I post in there a couple of times each week, and usually with an update each weekend, so please look out for these.

The most important thing you can do, is to read and review my books – and tell your friends and other bloggers about them. If you know anyone that might like to join, let me know 🙂

How do I join?

Hop over to Facebook and send me a PM (  OR leave a comment on this page with your contact details, and I’ll sign you up 🙂

Thank you, all of you.
Sofia x

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