F*ck me, there’s another one…

Silken Sheets & Seduction



This is a deeply personal post. If you’re looking for light ‘n’ fluffy, come back to this another day.


Writing has been compared to many things. Here’s a new analogy to toss onto the heap.

It’s like struggling to get to the top of a hill and then seeing another, a bigger hill hiding right behind it. Ever done that? You were convinced you’d be on top of the world when you got there…only you weren’t, because it was only then you realised how much further you had to climb.

And the further you climb, the higher you get, there are still more to be tackled.

Five years ago, I dreamed of being a published author. That was my goal. My first hill (well second, maybe. The first was completing the novel in the first place).

Three years ago, I was gearing up to tackle that first hill. Getting my…

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