Geek heroes don’t come any hotter than these…

Allyson Lindt has a SCORCHING new release today


Will Game for Cookies: A #GeekLove Ménage Romance (For the Win Book 1)


cookies coverAndi’s been turned down for funding—again—for the cookie business she runs with her best friend, and walked in on her boyfriend screwing another woman. She’s looking to crawl inside a champagne bottle and lose herself for a few days.


Kane and Isaiah, her online gaming partners and the cutest couple ever as far as Andi’s concerned, have a better plan. One involving a road trip to Las Vegas, competing in a national first person shooter competition for a cash grand prize, and finding her a one night stand to take her mind off her cheating ex.


Andi’s all in… except she’s not sure she’s got what it takes to find and seduce a random hookup. Isaiah and Kane offer to give her some hands-on experience. With each new lesson, it becomes harder for Andi to remember the guys are just friends. The mounting tension is shooting holes in their in-game cohesion, and killing their friendship. Andi’s running out of time to make an all or nothing decision.
Warning: Contains two sexy boyfriends hoping to add their best friend to their relationship, obscure gaming references, and a woman exploring the boundaries of her pleasure.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This book is so hot, I thought my Kindle would combust!




Set against the backdrop of a gaming convention, the story explodes onto the page. I loved it! I love the cooky title, the two yummy guys, and the heroine’s very real dilemma.


If you want to escape for a couple of hours, this is exactly what you need 🙂

Only $0.99 from AMAZON





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