Discount price for pre-orders ($0.99) for POLE POSITION

My newest contemporary romance is now available for pre-order on AMAZON. And what a gorgeous cover, eh? Huge thanks to Sotia Lazu and Allyson Lindt for pulling this one together 🙂


Pole Position

Available 12 February from Acelette Press

PP_F_AP (1)Jon’s glamorous life as a racecar driver is poles apart from Anita’s job in a bookshop, and he’s drawn to her in a way he never imagined. After one unfaithful, soon-to-be-ex-wife, and a revolving door of models and actresses, Jon finds Anita’s innocence and vulnerability a breath of fresh air.

Anita’s abusive ex-boyfriend left her running scared of any kind of relationship. Picking up the pieces of her life is hard, but her best friend since childhood, Danny Webster, is only too willing to help. And then she meets Jon. He completes her in a way Danny never could.

She doesn’t expect the men to hate each other on sight. Losing Anita isn’t an option for Jon or Danny, but only one man can take pole position for her heart.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Pre-order from AMAZON for the discounted price of $0.99. After release, it’ll go back to the regular price of $3.99.


Want to know more?

  • This is the same Jon and Anita that were the supporting characters in OBSESSION (Talisman series)
  • This precedes OBSESSION by around two years
  • The story takes some dark turns. It’s not a light and fluffy ride for either of them.

PP teaser 1




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