It’s summer and the music is sultry!

Silken Sheets & Seduction


What d’you mean it’s cold?!?

I love summer. I was born in the middle of June (in the northern hemisphere), and I’m convinced that’s why the long, hot days are my favourite time of year. Now that I’ve transplanted to New Zealand, it took a while to get used to the seasons being the wrong way around, but I’m cool with it now.


And this means, while you guys in the US, UK and Europe are freezing your asses off, I’m basking in the heat 🙂

To accompany the long, sweltering days, I need some chill-out music, and this is where I turned to Spotify. If you want to see what’s on my summer playlist, you can follow me. It’s called Sultry Summer Evenings

There are twenty four songs on there at the moment, and more going on every week. Some of my current faves are:

This Wild Life: History

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