Look – I Caught a Fly (said Willow)

There was a young kitty that caught a fly…

If you live in a multi-cat family, this story will be familiar 🙂

Willow, the baby of our cat household, caught a fly this afternoon. She was so proud of herself. After chasing it from one end of the house to the other, her persistence paid off.



She pulled a face at the taste, but her pride was clear.

Then she ran to find Neo, her best buddy. “Hey,” she chirruped. “Guess what I’ve had?”


She rubbed her face over Neo’s. He wasn’t impressed. Well, would you be? Dead fly breath can’t be attractive.

He takes his surrogate-father responsibilities seriously. After pinning her down, and gnawing on her ear, he proceeded to wash all the icky fly-taste away. “There,” he said. “All clean now.” I’m not sure how pleased she was…


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