M/M new release from Sofia Grey

Silken Sheets & Seduction


BREATHING AGAIN is now live for all major retailers

22710671_sIf you like your M/M romance to be angsty and emotional, this is for you. Sgt. Travis Cooper is probably the most damaged hero I’ve written.

It’s the first of my M/M novellas to go mainstream – previously they were only available on Goodreads – and I hope you like it.

I’ve two more novellas coming out at the end of the month, but they are completely different in style. Where Breathing Again is dark, they are light. I like the contrast 🙂


“So, Travis, why don’t we talk about Kyle today?”

As usual, I levelled my stare at the stand-up name badge on her desk. Dr Leah Forrester. So, Leah, why don’t we not? I kept the words inside my head. How was she in any way qualified to understand me? She was a chick. She had both legs. She hadn’t…

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