You Have An Ugly Baby! aka Why Writers Need Thick Skins

Silken Sheets & Seduction


FACT – writers need thick skins


To a writer, our books are our babies. They often take longer to gestate than real babies, and we are every bit as protective as new mothers. And when it comes to first books, we’re the proverbial roaring lion protecting our words against all comers.

Think about it. Our first book. We spend months creating every aspect of it. The characters, the world building, the plot, the dialogue. We stay up late at night debating whether Jack would really say “divine”, or would he be more likely to say “cool,” before restructuring the sentence completely.

The experts tell us to write what we know, and boy, do we do that with book #1. The pony-crazy, car-loving heroine who could be us, if we were ten years younger and several pounds lighter. We unwittingly pour the pure essence of ourselves into our books, and…

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