The Marguerite Coincidence (Spooky October)

Silken Sheets & Seduction


~ part of Sofia’s Spooky October series ~

I was up against a tight deadline to get the editor revisions completed, and was struggling to do them at home. In frustration I grabbed my laptop and headed out to a local cafe, one I’d only been to once or twice.

His Temporary Fix is a romance written around the mysterious circumstances of a young woman’s death. Her name was Marguerite (Marnie), and she worked in a cafe near the station, in a quiet village very similar to my own. The cafe I headed for that day, is the one I’d had in mind for Marguerite’s place.

Anyway, I rattled through most of the outstanding revisions, and as the cafe was about to close, I prepared to leave. In the tiny bathroom, a single picture hung on the wall – a sprawling white daisy-like flower, with the word Marguerite underneath it.

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