5 Excuses Why You’re Not A Writer (Yet)

Silken Sheets & Seduction


Overheard on the train:

 I could be a writer, if I had the time. I’d be good at it. I might do it later when I run short of money.

Riiiiiight. I love that guy’s optimism. Did he think the Time-Fairy was going to pop into existence, wave a magic wand and grant him an extra four hours of quiet every day?

Newsflash – it doesn’t work like that. Let me dispel a few little myths for you.

#1 – You Don’t Have The Time

Listen up. If you want to write, you MAKE the time. It’s that simple. You think you quit your job one day, write a bestseller the next, and then live off your royalties? Nu huh. Not in the real world.

I know a number of successful writers who write fiction as their full time job, and that’s awesome. But every single one of them started…

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