Talisman Series discount – 28 Nov to 4 Dec

Talisman Series discount     The first two books in the Talisman series will be on offer at $0.99 each for a limited period - 28 November to 4 December. Grab them while you can!   Obsession ($0.99 - normally $4.99) "Wow, what a great story.  Romance, check! Suspense, check! And a touch of the … Continue reading Talisman Series discount – 28 Nov to 4 Dec

Guest blogger Sofia Grey + giveaway!

Visiting the ladies at Love, Lust and Laptops today 🙂

Love, Lust, and Laptops

I’m so happy to welcome back the talented Sofia Grey! Sofia has a sexy new book, and an awesome giveaway too, so read on!


Don’t underestimate or trivialise it. Fear is a powerful driver for behaviour. And I’ll stick my neck out here… I reckon everyone has a secret fear locked away. We’re all scared of something, and there are different levels as to how scared we are.

worst nightmare

If I had to rate my personal fears, it would go something like:

1 out of 5 – mild anxiety / wariness;

2 out of 5 – a sense of discomfort

3 out of 5 – pulse speeds up, shivers down my spine

4 out of 5 – yep, I’m scared, I’ll admit it to whoever is nearby

5 out of 5 – holy shit, I’m freaking out

For me, 1/5 might be a large, hairy spider walking on the…

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Berry & cream-cheese swirl sticky brownie (+ giveaway)

  My contribution to the Summer Chillin' Blog Hop 🙂         These would go perfectly with Eva's Mojitos...     Feast your eyes on this baby... What could possibly be better than a perfect gooey-in-the-middle sticky chocolate brownie? How about a sticky chocolate brownie with cream cheese and berries swirled through it? … Continue reading Berry & cream-cheese swirl sticky brownie (+ giveaway)