My newest book review 🙂

Silken Sheets & Seduction


Double Time cover

Overall rating – 4 silken sheets


I fell in love with Olivia Cunning’s bad-boy rockers in Backstage Pass and have gobbled up all her books since, both in the Sinners on Tour series and the spin-off, One Night With Sole Regret series. Right from the beginning, Trey Mills was my favourite and I couldn’t wait for his book to come out. I was a little disappointed to find it would be the last in the series, but hey, save the best until last. Right?

However. For some reason that I can’t understand, the publishers decided to release them out of order, bringing Trey’s book forward – yay! Great in theory, but in reality, it was confusing. Bad decision, Sourcebooks Casablanca.

Not only had Eric (Sticks) and Jace suddenly found the loves of their lives, but Myrna was about to have a baby… and there were several unfamiliar faces on the…

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