My First Smexy Guest Post by Sofia Grey

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My first…Smexy by Sofia Grey

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Celebrating the launch of my first story with Liquid Silver Books, I’m blogging about other Firsts of mine.

The first hero I created – that actually survived an entire manuscript instead of being thrown away somewhere after chapter three – was a racing driver called Jon Craigowan. I drafted a sexy novel about him falling for an innocent girl but it stayed in draft form. I moved on to write something else, and then another, and over the next fifteen years my lovely racing driver sat gathering dust.

I still remember clearly though, the agonizing hours spent writing their love scenes. Smexy books weren’t the norm back then. You had Mills & Boon, and then you had Black Lace erotica, but with very little in between. I wanted my characters to have an active and exciting sex life, not just a chaste kiss and a…

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