My First Time…

Silken Sheets & Seduction

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My First Time

Celebrating the launch of my first story with Liquid Silver Books, I’m blogging about other Firsts of mine.

Sex. So natural. So instinctive. Something most adults on the planet have tried at least once… so why is it so damned hard to write?

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The first sex scene I wrote was very vague. Remember, this was some fifteen years ago when even the most titillating of bodice rippers usually skimmed over the act itself. I wanted my experienced hero to be passionate and intense, but since he was seducing a virgin, I needed him to be gentle too.

I spent days writing their first scene together. No matter what I did, it felt wooden and awkward. I ended up putting < insert sex > and left it on the backburner while I rocked on with the story. Their second coupling was just as difficult to write and I…

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