Obsession trailer now live on YouTube


Check out the trailer for Obsession…


And here is today’s daily snippet:


“I know you,” he whispered, his free hand rippling through my hair. I’d left it loose this morning, it tumbled to my shoulders and he caressed it, a sense of wonder in his eyes. I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, every atom of me felt drawn to him. I puzzled over his words—he knew me?

“Why don’t you know me?” His voice so soft, he might have been murmuring the question to himself. The hand in my hair shifted, fisted, and tilted my face to him.



Don’t forget, I’m running an event in Goodreads this weekend to give away 1 ARC version of Obsession. All you have to do is sign up for the event and leave a comment. So easy 🙂 Check it out HERE.


Good luck 🙂

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