Day 9 – July Fever – Patricia Bates

1 blog + 31 authors = 31 Days of Hotness

I’m delighted to welcome Patricia Bates to July Fever. She’s giving away copies of all 5 books in the Forsaken Series to one lucky winner today. To enter, just leave a comment (with your email address).


Forums and Friendships

For many of us having a blog is like having an extension of ourselves. We stop off chat, log in, log out, leave a comment, put up a picture, and carry on. For some of us though, a blog is part of our daily lives and has a great many uses.

I blog every day for one reason, I enjoy it. However, having said that a lot of the time I’m online is not on my blogs, my sites, or anything else. It’s busy chatting with and getting help from professionals on different publication forums.

Today, however, I wanted to share a quick note about blogging with friends. We in the writing/publishing industry build our careers around our work, our writing. This also means we have to build it up around other authors…yes they are the competition, but we’re pretty close.  What better way to show this then to host other authors on our blogs.

This month is a very special month for me, I get to host several amazing authors starting with Sofia Grey a very talented author who is celebrating her release.  She opened her blog to those of us who are other authors – showcasing our work and what better way to say thank you then to offer her space on mine.

Writing is about creating friendships and networking and creating a feel of a partnership. I hope you’ll stay tuned to see what’s coming up for Sofia.


Patricia’s next book, Spanish Flame, is due out in August:

Can an ex-con and a Spanish noblewoman find love?

SpanishFlame_MediumEx-convict, Adam Butler, is a man hardened by betrayal and violence. When he lands in Spain, his only intention is to find a paying job so he can buy his way further west, far away from the memories of his past.

Wealthy and beautiful Evangelina Ortega yearns for the ability to marry for love even as her father is forcing her to wed a man she’s never met. When she arrives at her betrothed’s estate, she meets Adam Butler, a man with secrets and a checkered past.

Can the Spanish lady and the ex-con find happiness or will their love be destroyed by her father’s determination to regain the family honor?

 Note: This book was previously published under the title In the Hands of a Stranger, but it has been substantially revised.




my-pic-149x150Reading has been such a large part of my life. I cut my literary teeth on such author’s as Louis L’Amour, Nora Roberts and Janet Dailey. For me it wasn’t such a jump from reading the wonderful tales these author’s spun to imagining my own.

Soon I was writing poetry, short stories and by junior high I’d written my first full length romance novel. Since then I’ve taken my love of history and my passion for writing and combined them into what I hope will continue to prove a successful career.


To find out more about me, you find me at or on my website at

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Come back tomorrow for a truly sizzling post from my next guest, Ella Dominguez 🙂

16 thoughts on “Day 9 – July Fever – Patricia Bates

  1. “Writing is about creating friendships and networking and creating a feel of a partnership.”

    So very true! My social anxiety issues mess with my chatting with people I don’t know, but thanks to Sofia, I’m starting to come out of my shell, and it makes the writing experience so much more rewarding. Nice to meet you, Patricia 🙂

  2. This blog, and Sotia’s reply above, really spoke to me. For many reasons it has been hard for me to become involved in the blogging world. Thankfully, some people offer real help. Sofia is one of those people. I enjoyed this post Patricia, and hope to read a lot more of your insightful blogs. Good luck with the book I hope it sells really well.

  3. I have several friends who are bloggers, and I know for them, blogging is something they do every day. I wish I had the time to blog, but realize that I don’t really know much about the mechanics of blogging. I enjoyed reading your post, and your insights into the blogging world, especially as it relates to authors.

    And Spanish Flame sounds like a good old-fashioned bodice ripper, the kind I always loved to read when I was younger. I think it’s time to reacquaint myself….

  4. I just realized that post specified to leave an email… my apologies.

  5. The friendships we make in this industry are so special. I’ve been fortunate enough to make so many kind friends and we love helping each other. It’s what it’s all about! Congrats on your release.

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