Day 10 – July Fever – Ella Dominguez

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I’m excited to welcome the talented Ella Dominguez to July Fever. She’s giving away a $5 Amazon GC and a signed p/back copy of The Art of Submission to one lucky winner today. To enter, just leave a comment (with your email address).

375938_s - couple on beach

Tis the season for camping and fun

Taking a break and basking in the sun

A beer by the pool

Sex on the beach

Fireworks and sparklers just within reach

Dancing and grinding in the club after hours

Drenched in sweat after kinkiness followed by showers

After a brief rest, July fever strikes again

Let the good times, fun and unbridled wildness begin.


starstripesassHot and sultry damp air, moisture on the skin and fireworks. Forget Christmas, to hell with Thanksgiving – July 4th has and will always be my favorite holiday of the year. Scantily clad women and men walking the streets with sparklers and punks in hand waiting to get a glimpse of light show, the smell of bottle rockets and roman candles tantalizing my senses and arousing me beyond reason. It’s tailgating season. And by tail-gating I don’t mean grilling out on the back of your truck at a football game. My version of tailgating is driving to a secluded field just within view and ear shot of the fireworks, letting your gate down, getting bent over with your skirt hiked up, your panties pulled down, the infernal summer breeze blowing on your backside while you get pounded in rhythm with the fireworks deep booming. Oh my stars and stripes, yes. Looking up at the illuminated skyline, feeling the air crackle around you with each new bloom shot into the air while your man eases himself in and out of you… it’s something to behold.  It’s Independence day folks, the day our countrymen fought for and I celebrate it every year in true patriotic fashion – by getting f*ked into oblivion and loving every minute of it. As my loins contract and my cum drenches me and my man, I scream my thanks into the night for every person who fought for my freedom as the finale lights up the sky. God Bless America.


If you’re looking for something hot, taboo and downright dirty with a thrilling and suspense filled plot, my trilogy, The Art of D/s should be right up your alley.

This is the tale Isabel and Dylan, their journey into self-awareness in the world of BDSM, their love for each other, their unbreakable bond, their trials in a world that offers nothing but obstacles, and the collision of two dynamic characters who struggle with their dominant and submissive tendencies and seek control in all things as their pasts come back to haunt them in spectacular fashion.

Ella coverContains three full-length novels:

The Art of Submission

The Art of Domination

The Art of Control

Excerpt from Book 1:

The sound of the flogger hitting the woman’s skin, her whimpering voice and her answers to her Dom are arousing me. I look down at Isabel, hoping she’s not completely freaked.

To my delight, she doesn’t look like she wants to run anymore. Her eyes are large and shimmering, her mouth slightly parted and she’s standing stock still, taking it all in. She’s still holding onto my arm, but this time I think it’s for support and not out of fear. I can’t take my eyes off of her. She looks arresting in this lighting.

I take my hand off her waist and run it up along her bare back. I just want to feel her right now. I see her shiver to my touch. She tilts her head to one side, licks her lips, and then closes her eyes ever so briefly.  She reaches over and runs her hand over her stomach and then down her thigh. Holy shit. She’s turned on.

She looks up at me with dreamy eyes and asks, “Can we see something else now?”

Yes! She likes it. I knew it. I was right about her. “Of course,” I say to her and I can’t help but grin like an idiot.


Buy The Art of D/s Trilogy at Amazon: LINK


Thank you Ella!

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Come back tomorrow for a sultry post from my next guest, Sorcha Mowbray 🙂

31 thoughts on “Day 10 – July Fever – Ella Dominguez

  1. Ella’s description of tailgating is now my favorite! Who needs cornhole and horseshoes? The “Art of D/s” sounds like a nice addition to holiday “traditions.” 😉

  2. I can already tell I am going to LOVE these books. Ever since I read my first BDSM novel (Cherise Sinclair) I have been completely hooked. I’m looking forward to checking this trilogy out.

    BTW that cover is so hawt!!!

  3. The 4th of July is one of mine and hubby’s favorite holidays but now he can’t stand fireworks (Marine Veteran),,, When we were in high school he would come over to my house and we would lay on the grass on my parents property and see fireworks from 3 counties it is something It is a great memory 🙂 Ella I haven’t read any of your books but this sounds like a great series and the excerpt was a nice little peek into the first book.

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