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Please join me in welcoming fellow Kiwi, Nicola Claire to July Fever :-)   She’s giving away the first 2 books in her Sweet Seduction series to a lucky winner. To enter the draw, simply leave a comment and your email address.

Fever-Filled Dreams and Hot, Sexy Alpha Males – What more could a girl want?

You Give Me Fever by Peggy Lee

July Fever just makes me think of that Peggy Lee classic.

“You give me fever.”

Even just seeing those words written, I can hear the sultry sound of her voice.

“When you kiss me.”

Hot, wet, passionate kisses definitely flash through my mind on that line.

“Fever when you hold me tight.”

Sweaty, entwined limbs, tangled sheets, hot and heavy breathing.

“In the morning.”

Mmm, morning sex, there’s nothing like it.

“Fever all through the night…”

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is where the mind can really wander. Dreams. We all have them, and I will readily admit that many of my characters and storylines are developed when my body rests and my mind is free to roam. I wake up and there they are, almost fully developed and definitely with sleek feverish skin and hot, sexy men wrapped around them.

I’m truly lucky to be able to watch my characters’ journeys through to completion. And it was with these night time fever-filled visions in mind that I started the Sweet Seduction Series. Hot & sexy alpha males who know what they want, and when they see her, set out to claim her and make her theirs.

If you’re after a little feverish raunchy reading, then you can’t go wrong with a romantic suspense story filled with capable women, powerful men and lots of…. SEX!

At least that’s what my dreams tell me… Want a peek?


5983448_sExcerpt from Sweet Seduction Sacrifice (Sweet Seduction, Book 1):

“You’re impossible,” he said. It was definitely laced in exasperation still, but was spoken in a soft voice. He moved his hand down and plucked at his T-shirt – the one I had stolen last night and worn to bed. “And mine, whether you accept it yet or not.” He smiled broadly at me as I glared back, lips zipped firmly shut. “And adorable when you’re angry.” I furrowed my brows further, it was starting to ache across my forehead, but I could be stubborn when I wanted to. “Christ,” he said on that cough-which-could-have-been-a-laugh sound. “You have absolutely no idea.” And that was said as though to himself; incredulously, wonderingly, quietly.

I bit my lip. He growled. And then his mouth was on mine, his tongue sweeping across my bottom lip – and like every other time he’d done it, as though I was a bloody hussy – I parted them and let his tongue inside. I groaned, he groaned, our hands started exploring each other. One of mine up into his thick, dark hair, the other all over his very fine chest and abdomen. His hand attached to the elbow he was resting on, twisted into the strands of my hair, tugging gently to make my head move to the side, allowing him unhindered access to my mouth at just the right angle. The other hand under my T-shirt – his T-shirt – and already tweaking my nipple. I got the impression he liked heading there as soon as things began to progress.

A voice inside my head warned that this was not where I wanted things to go, but my body said to hell with that and wrapped itself around him, arching my back, grinding back against his very impressive erection and generally acting like a cat in heat. He didn’t seem to mind, his own movements frantic with desire, his mouth hard against mine, his tongue plunging in and out, and in and out, in a motion that strangely made me wetter with each hot plunge inside. His hips rocking back and forth in a faster and faster rhythm, sweeping us up in a tidal wave we had no hope of surviving.

Within seconds, things were out of control. My T-shirt was gone, we were naked chest to naked chest, his hands had moved, one to the back of my neck, supporting my head as he kissed me, almost ate me from the mouth down, the other between our hips, rolling around at exactly the right delicious spot to make me writhe. A few sweeps on the outside, a thumb and forefinger pinch that made me shout out in surprise, and then he thrust two long fingers inside making me gasp.

“Christ, you’re wet,” he breathed against my lips. “Is that all for me?” I rolled my eyes at him and caught the amused glint in his eyes in return. “Wouldn’t want to waste it,” he whispered against my lips, and then his fingers withdrew and my mind stuttered in protest, but within a couple of seconds – which felt way too long – his body pressed back against mine and even through the fog in my mind, I recognised he’d removed his boxers and we were now completely naked in bed.

One hand slipped down and lifted my leg out slightly to the side to allow him to settle between my legs, his erection strained between us, the flat tip butting up against my centre. I wanted this so badly, I’d dreamt about it for the past two nights. Most of the time telling myself I shouldn’t go there, the rest of the time wishing I could. And here we were, about to do it. I was about to feel what it was like to have him move inside me, to stretch me, to fill me. He’d said we’d do it against the wall, but right then I didn’t give a rat’s arse about any wall, I just wanted him. For one moment in time I’d let myself believe, that I could have him. That he was mine.

I knew I was walking on dangerous ground, I knew this could all blow up in my face. But there was no way I could walk away now, not when his hard, hot, naked body was pressed against mine. Or when his very talented tongue swept inside my mouth, or his teeth nibbled on my bottom lip, or when his hands made magic happen across my skin. My body was on fire, my heart was pounding in my chest, my breath was laboured and all I wanted was him.

I tilted my hips to allow him better access, he muttered, “Christ,” into my hair and I felt him shift to enter. Our hands and lips and entire bodies moving, ready for the moment we connected in the most intimate of ways. He pulled back to look me in the eyes, I knew why he did it. He wanted to see me when he sank himself deep inside. I wanted that too. I held his gaze, time seemed suspended…


cover“I’m going to give you memories to last a lifetime, Genevieve Cain. I promise you that.”

With a loser ex-boyfriend threatening her dream business, Sweet Seduction, Genevieve Cain is forced to go to a lawyer to finalise things once and for all. Gen knows she’s only good for one dream in her lifetime, so when she meets senior partner, Dominic Anscombe, in the foyer of the law firm’s building, she dismisses any delusional ideas her mind creates involving his very fine body. But Dominic is intrigued by Gen’s run-away mouth and if there’s one thing to say about Dominic Anscombe, he knows what he wants and when he finds it, he sets out to take it, claim it and possess it – completely.

Kidnappings, shootings, dream-shattering moments, hot investigators and just as hot lawyers, everything comes to a head when Genevieve sacrifices something so precious for something even more so. And it wasn’t the sacrifice she thought she’d make. The sweetest of sacrifices, the most worthy offering. But can she believe Dominic has fallen as hard for her as she has for him in such a short time? And can she allow herself a second dream in her life, by letting him in?

Love at first sight has never been so dangerous and so very delicious at the same time.





To find out how this fever-filled dream ends, read Sweet Seduction Sacrifice, book one of the Sweet Seduction Series by Nicola Claire.

A big thank you to Sofia Grey for hosting this Blog Hop. What a treat! “Hot & Sexy” from 31 awesome authors – what more could a girl want?

I’ve offered up copies of the first two books in the Sweet Seduction Series for the July Fever Give-Away. Sweet Seduction Sacrifice and Sweet Seduction Serenade. And if you like them, then keep an eye out for book three, Sweet Seduction Shadow; due for release soon!


Remember, commenting will also put you into the Weekly Prize Draw for all these gifts:

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Please join me tomorrow, when I welcome Krista Ames to July Fever :-)

21 thoughts on “Day 13 – July Fever – Nicola Claire – Fever-Filled Dreams and Hot, Sexy Alpha Males

    1. Hi Lani! I include daydreams in that and I’ve just spent the afternoon fishing for trout on the Hinemaiaia River here in Taupo, daydreaming about my latest Sweet Seduction couple in book four. I wonder if that’s why I didn’t catch anything?? Thanks for commenting.

  1. I have your irst book on my TBR pile. Wading through all the ones I committed to reviewing before I get to read yours. *sigh* It sounds amazing. Thank you for the chance to enter Nicola and Sofia.

  2. I enjoyed this post. I love that Peggy Lee song too. Nice snippet from Sweet Seduction, the story has to go on my to be read list. Good luck with the book.

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