Day 12 – July Fever – Kimber Vale

1 blog + 31 authors = 31 Days Of Hotness

I’m excited to welcome Kimber Vale to July Fever :-)   She’s giving away 1 copy of Coming Together: In Vein. To enter the draw, simply leave a comment and your email address. What could be easier 🙂


Some Like it Hot

No, really. I’ve met these people! They sit out in the sun in July and don’t wear sunscreen or even hats! It’s insanity!

Me? I come from a long line of pale pasties, and we don’t do hot. You won’t ever find me outdoors without a hat on, no matter if it’s summer or winter (hey, those winter rays can still cause sun damage and I’m fighting this aging thing with both my dukes up, baby). I garden all season long, and still end up with a Vitamin D deficiency. Yup. I’m that girl.

Spring and fall are my favorites. I’m definitely a middle-of-the-roader when it comes to weather.

Now, when it comes to erotic romance, the hotter, the better.  I like to take my metaphorical hat off and throw it in the air. I order my romance equator-steamy with a side of wasabi.

As we celebrate sizzling hot summer romances with the July Fever Blog Hop, I’m offering up a brand new free story on my website. This baby is a M/F/M called “Starting Fires” and, as you may have guessed, it involves firefighters. Yum. Not many things are hotter, in my book.


So, hop on over to and heat up your July a little more! And don’t worry; there will be two smoldering firemen to hose you down if things start burning out of control!

*”Firefighters Fighting Fire During Training” by potowizard courtesy of






Kimber’s latest book is called Star Catcher, and it came out in June.

star catcher coverIt seemed like a good plan … gather females from the planet Earth to be surrogates on a planet where no children have been born in twenty years. Kimber Vale spins a hilarious, sexy, sci-fi romance that
will tickle your funny bone.

Lust flares hot and bright when Stella Aims’ world collides with the gorgeous and mysterious Noth Zobor. The tall dark stranger doesn’t speak a word of English, but Stella is happy to teach him everything she knows, including a crash course in the universal language of love. Their passion burns down to sweet and smoldering before Stella’s reality is completely spun around.

People aren’t always what they seem—but what if they aren’t even human?

Concerned that Noth’s been lying to her, Stella searches for him and walks into a trap straight out of a nightmare. When she wakes, she finds the real deception was far worse than she ever suspected, and her lover is not at all what he seems. Forgiving him might be the easiest thing Stella has to do, because getting out alive and saving her fellow humans from captivity and experimentation will be the toughest challenge of her life.





Find Kimber here: Goodreads  Website


Remember, commenting will also put you into the Weekly Prize Draw for all these gifts:

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Please join me tomorrow, when I welcome fellow Kiwi, Nicola Claire to July Fever :-)

14 thoughts on “Day 12 – July Fever – Kimber Vale

  1. OK I am all over firefighters and hotter than hot romances (and who wouldn’t be?!) so we may be a match made in heaven Kimber 🙂 LOL. Star Catcher looks fantastic! I’m on my way to Amazon right now. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. I love giveaways for new books, by new to me authors! Can’t always enter them, being where we are! Loving the original cover!

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean, Kathy, but at least with eBook giveaways we always have a chance! Thanks for commenting – and come back tomorrow for one of our Kiwi authors 🙂

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