Guest Author: Sofia Grey and the Navy Invasion

Love, Lust, and Laptops

The Navy Invasion…

For my day job I work in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, and right in the heart of the district that surrounds parliament. It’s not uncommon to see the Prime Minister or Cabinet members, in the many coffee shops and restaurants.

However, see one politician and you’ve seen ‘em all. What gives me a thrill, and gets me texting my friends, is when the military come out of hiding. Only last week my closest coffee bar was invaded by a noisy group of sailors from the NZ Navy. There was a long queue for coffee that day, but I wasn’t complaining. The view was excellent.

Last year the French Navy were in town for a few days (that prompted a few texts too * fans myself *).

What is it about the dog tags that revs our motors so much?

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* swoooooooon *

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