Sofia Grey. How to romance a romance writer?

Rosanna Leo

Have you ever wondered how romance writers prefer to be romanced? Sofia Grey is here to shine a light on this mystery, and to introduce us to her latest, His Temporary Fix.

How to Romance a Romance Writer?

A simple how-to guide.

Romance writers are a special breed of people. Wooing them takes time and effort, and some insider knowledge. Here are my tips J

20626398_s - flowers

  1. Don’t bother with flowers. They take time and effort to find a vase, to cut the stems, top up with water etc. The cats will nibble the petals and scatter pollen, and try to knock the vase over. Chocolates are fine though. Bring chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

  1. Don’t bother with dinner reservations. If we’re part way through edits, or up against the clock to finish a manuscript, the last thing we want to do is tear ourselves away from our laptops just for food…

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