The Joy of Swag

Silken Sheets & Seduction


What do you mean by “swag”?

If you look up the dictionary definition of SWAG it comes back with:

1. a curtain or piece of fabric fastened so as to hang in a drooping curve.
2. informal
money or goods taken by a thief or burglar.
“garden machinery is the most popular swag”
will read for swag

It doesn’t mention Book Swag! This is the best kind – the free goodies that you give away with a book launch or promotion. Personally, I LOVE swag. Getting a pressie from one of my favourite authors is guaranteed to put a smile on my face for days. And now that I produce my own swag, I get to give it away to my readers and followers, and that’s even more fun 🙂


My favourites to produce are bookmarks / postcards, and fridge magnets. They’re small and light enough to ship worldwide…

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