The Lure of the Old

Silken Sheets & Seduction


The Lure of the Old

Or… Revising An Old Story is Way Easier Than Creating A New One, Right?


There’s something immensely comforting about having a complete manuscript on your hard drive. An early draft, maybe, but it’s complete. You’ve typed those magical words ‘The End’ and then sat back and celebrated. Whether it’s your first story or your twentieth, it still feels good to finish it.

You go on and write another, and another, honing your craft all the time. Like fine wine and good cheese, writers mature – and at different speeds too.


And then the day comes, when you think fondly back to your first manuscript, or your second, and you decide to dust it off, give it a polish, and publish it. Why not? You always loved the characters / plot / storyline / setting / twist at the end. You know it works… only…

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