Hey Muse – welcome back!

She’s back!


When I told my muse that I’d be editing for two months straight, she packed a case and disappeared on holiday. Probably somewhere sunny, with gorgeous young bartenders to serve her ice-filled drinks… she’s that kinda girl.


I haven’t quite finished on the editing-rollercoaster yet, and didn’t expect to see her again for a few weeks, but… she’s back. She popped up as I drove to the grocery store this afternoon.


“Hey,” she said, smooching up to me. “Did’ya miss me?”


“Of course,” I replied. “What have you got?”


“Well. You know that thing you said you were going to write next?” I nodded. “And that thing you really should be working on next?” I nodded again. “It’s something else.”


I gave her that look. The you’re-kidding look, but she just grinned at me.


“This thing,” she said. “It’s gonna be so good. I know you can make it work.”



During my twenty-minute journey to buy a weeks worth of groceries, she rapidly outlined changes to a plot I’d placed on the backburner. I already had a pretty good idea for Juliet’s Soldier, the third in the Out of Time series, but now I have an AMAZING idea. I had to scribble notes on my phone when I parked outside the supermarket. And now, I have to at least write an outline, otherwise I’ll forget all the little details.


* sigh *


I adore my muse, but I wish she’d work to order sometimes.






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