Because of you…




This goes out to you!


Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they sweep into your life like a hurricane, shake everything up, and then disappear. Others lurk on the fringes, stepping forward just when you need them. Some you might not see for weeks / months / years, but you know the minute you do, the conversation will pick up as seamlessly as if you saw them the day before.


This is a thank you, to my friends.

  • The ones who make me laugh with just a sideways glance. For that brief moment in time, we’re in perfect accord, and it’s a beautiful thing.
  • The ones who go to concerts with me, arriving ridiculously early (because I don’t want to miss the warm-up acts), and who sit patiently in a cramped row of seats or heed my insane need to dance in the overcrowded mosh pit.
  • The ones who send me pictures of fluffy kittens and hot guys when the darkness overwhelms me. I can turn to them when the world is bleak, and they’ll find the light for me.
  • The ones who drop everything and meet for coffee, to help me through a crisis.
  • The ones who I can ask almost anything, and they just nod and say, “yeah, I’ll find out.” Writers have an insatiable thirst for information.
  • The ones who offer their hugs freely. All they ask is a hug in return.
  • The ones I’ve been drunk with. And the ones I’ve driven home.
  • The ones at the end of an email, even though I’ve never met them in person.


Thank you, one and all.


This song kinda sums it up. “This Goes Out To You” by P.O.D.






Sofia x

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