Get your wolfie fix HERE!

Wolfie Addiction? I can help 🙂


Get THREE of my

Snowdonia Wolves novellas

bundled with SIX other novellas for a staggering $0.99


PARANORMAL AND LOVING IT!  will be on offer for

$0.99 from 18 – 20 March


After that it goes up to $4.99. This is your chance to grab a bargain ☺


Three of today’s hottest romance authors come together to bring you this 9 book paranormal box set. Whether wolf shifters make you howl with pleasure, you prefer the wicked bite of a vampire, or the all-powerful hand of a demi-god is more your thing, Paranormal and Loving it! has something to send delicious chills racing through you.


PPaLi_3D_Fublisher’s Note: These books, previously only available individually, have been collected into this single box set for a fantastic price.


Operation: Santa’s Elf by Allyson Lindt

Dreaming of a Wolf by Sofia Grey

Unleashed by Sotia Lazu

Courting Mortality by Allyson Lindt

Caging the Wolf by Sofia Grey

Wolf for Christmas by Sotia Lazu

Seducing Destiny by Allyson Lindt

A Very Wolfie Christmas by Sofia Grey

Cherry Pop by Sotia Lazu



FREE Kindle preview HERE


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