Pranker – or prankee? Which are you?

Silken Sheets & Seduction


Office Pranks

I work in an office, like so many of us, and from time to time, my mind drifts to more fun things than the job at hand.

Who doesn’t love a good, well thought-out office prank?

I recently started watching The Office (US), and LOVE the pranks that Jim plays on Dwight. To me, they are the highlight of each episode. There are plenty of Jim’s Best Pranks videos on YouTube, but one of my favourites, is Future Dwight. See the clip below.

17627805_sI’ve taken part in elaborate telephone pranks, with the old fashioned desk phones that you don’t get now. The kind where you can unscrew the speaker, or the earpiece, and then stuff cardboard or cotton wool in the space. Or simply taping down the phone rest so that when it’s lifted from the base, it continues to ring. The old ones are still good 🙂

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