PERFECT STRANGER – new release

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My newest dark and angst-filled contemp romance is now LIVE on all major platforms.

Readers are loving it:

Texxie PRUF Reads says:

This was exactly the kind of read I needed. Come at me with a Houston boy, southern drawl and all and you are GOLDEN! Brownie points right out the gate!


Ahmazing Book Faerie says:

This is quite an emotional book,(not tear jerkingly so) touching on several issues not normally written about in what is essentially a romance.


aPS_FWhen one night just isn’t enough

Kate’s having the birthday from hell. A sadistic boss and rumors of a corporate takeover threatening her handpicked team are bad enough, but then her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. In a monsoon.

A one-night stand with the delicious Jordan Merrill is probably not her best idea, but it’s far more appealing than room service and pay-per-view. Like Cinderella, she runs away from the best night of her life, but instead of leaving a glass slipper, she drops her business card.

Like Prince Charming, Jordan isn’t satisfied with just one night, though he and Kate live hundreds of miles apart.

Kate’s worked hard to reach her senior management position, and she knows a long-distance relationship is impossible, even if she falls in love with Jordan. He wants to promise her a happily ever after, but is she ready to throw away her career for him?

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