Let’s Rooooooccckkk

Silken Sheets & Seduction


That’s what I’ve been doing today, rocking out at the annual Homegrown music festival in Wellington, NZ. It’s a pretty cool event, with six sound stages from Dub ‘n’ Roots, to Electronica and the Rock Stage. Every act comes from NZ, hence the homegrown name. Geddit?


Three sessions stood out for me today. I baked in the scorching sunshine and ate ice cream while dancing to Tomorrow People. I watched an odd, but fascinating jazz-rap fusion band (Raw Collective), and I rocked out to NZ’s favourites, The Feelers. I’m slightly deaf, croaky when I speak, and have pink shoulders (despite sunblock!), but it was a pretty awesome day, and I look forward to going again next year.

It seems fitting that I should finally write and publish my hot rockers romantic suspense series. Lying in Shadows, the first in the Event Horizon series was released a week ago, and…

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