New release from Sofia Grey – Two Nights in Houston


For anyone who enjoys rock romance or contemporary romance. It was short but had all the feeling of a full length book.


The next in my Event Horizon series is released today. Two Nights in Houston is a romantic novella that ties up some loose ends from Lying in Shadows. It’s fun to read as a standalone too 🙂

Annnddd… it includes a sneak peek at the next in series, Covering the Lies, due out later this year.


Available for $0.99 on all major platforms.



Rock God Alex is in love with Sylvie, the bass guitarist in his band. Alex longs to tell her how he feels, but with the change and tragedy that have shaken her world, it never feels like the right time.

Event Horizon’s two-night layover in Houston could either be the perfect opportunity, or the mistake that pushes her away.


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Sylvie made her escape from the press conference. She waved to the crowd, and barged past the assembled support crew, apologising as she went. She was looking for one person, and there he was. Matt, her oldest brother, travelling with the band for this leg of the U.S.A. tour. Today she was meeting Rico’s family, and Matt was going with her for moral support.

“Hiya.” Matt’s achingly familiar Manchester accent washed over her. “Isn’t Alex joining us?”

“No.” She didn’t ask him. “Let me grab my bag from the dressing room, and then we’ll go. Are you ready?”

“Sure.” He gazed at her. “But I thought he said—”

She didn’t want to lie, so she improvised. “He’s busy. Can we go, please?” Sylvie ducked into her room, picked up the brightly coloured bag of gifts and her tiny handbag, and then paused to examine the reflection staring back from the huge mirror.

She wore her usual skinny jeans with flat sandals and a close-fitting tour T-shirt, and the supremely efficient air conditioning brought goose bumps to her arms—or was that a bad case of nerves? She swept her wild hair into a loose ponytail and smoothed the escaping strands back from her face. They refused to comply.

Her gaze was drawn to the tour poster hanging on the wall, the four band members shown in profile—Mick, with his bare, musclebound arms and shining bald head; Charlie beaming his cheeky panty-dropping smile, while running one hand through his short, spiked blond hair; Alex, his grin so sinful it should be illegal and his eyes of the darkest brown. Thick dark hair cascaded to his shoulders, framing a strong face with thick brows and a tidy goatee that made his lips even more delicious. AJ, Rock God. Adored by millions, and at the top of his game after eighteen years with his band.

And then there was Sylvie, staring into the distance, a secretive smile on her face. She’d been thinking about Alex during the shoot.

She glanced back at the mirror. What happened to Sizzle, the confident rock musician? No matter what she did today, she looked like a frightened young girl.

She found Alex waiting for her in the corridor, an innocent expression on his handsome face. “You don’t mind if I come with you? I’d like to meet Rico’s family.”

Oh God. Alex was who she really wanted by her side, supporting and comforting her, but she had to wean herself off him. He’d been so solid. So firmly in her corner and unshakeable in his determination to look after her. He turned into another big brother, alongside Matt and Jimmy. When she considered the other band members too, she was awash with protective males.

Sylvie pasted a big, cheerful smile on her face. “I’d rather you didn’t. I want to keep this… private.” She could kick herself at the stupid choice of words when she saw the flash of hurt in his eyes.

“Sure,” he said finally. “We’ll go another time, yeah?”

“Yeah. I’ll see you later.” Aware that if she stayed any longer, she’d cave and ask him to come after all, she headed down the corridor to Matt who emerged from the restrooms. Well done, Sylvie. Nicely handled. Not.

“Oh,” said Matt. “There’s Alex. Maybe we should—”

She pulled on his sleeve. “Are you coming, or do I go by myself?”

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