Silken Sheets & Seduction

I’m deep in the edit cave at the moment, working hard to get Juliet’s Soldier (Out of Time #4) ready for release.

If you’ve read any of the series so far, you’ll know that Lieutenant Marc Gallagher hasn’t had an easy time of it (no pun intended). Is this finally the chance for him to fall in love?

Oh wait, five hundred years in the future, love doesn’t exist any more. What’s a guy to do?

Juliet’s Soldier (Out of Time #4)

Breaking the rules has never been more dangerous

The first two rules of time travel are
– Never interfere, and
– History is set in stone

Juliet broke the first without meaning to. Now, to save the man she loves and undo her mistake, she’ll have to risk her entire future by breaking the second.

Juliet’s father wants her to marry for prestige, but she’s less-than-pleased with the…

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