New release from Sofia Grey – Juliet’s Soldier (Out of Time #4)


What are readers saying about Juliet’s Soldier?

This series is AWESOME! ~Nancy


She truly shows what can be achieved in the name of love and what it means to be strong enough to succeed. ~Teri


A wonderful time travel romance ~Rabbit

Juliet’s Soldier (Out of Time #4) is now available on all major platforms. If you’ve read any of the previous books in the series you’ll already know the main character, Lieutenant Marc Gallagher, but you can also read this as a standalone.


Breaking the rules has never been more dangerous

 The primary rules of time travel are

– Never interfere, and

– History is set in stone

Juliet broke the first without meaning to. Now, to save the man she loves and undo her mistake, she’ll have to risk her entire future by breaking the second.


Juliet’s father wants her to marry for prestige, but she’s less-than-pleased with the partnership he’s arranged for her. To keep her freedom, she convinces Marc to ask for her hand instead. He insists the union is only temporary, but she’s got two weeks of travel with him to the 1990’s to convince him their relationship is more.

Then she makes a mistake that not only threatens the timelines of the past, but puts the future at risk too. She’ll have to break the rules to set things straight, and even then, she may lose the man she loves forever.

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Portrait of kissing couple


Marc couldn’t take his eyes off her. She could be a different person to the meticulously groomed student he’d seen in his own time. Here she was relaxed, her smile easy. She talked like a native. In just a few hours, she fit better into this society than Marc would after a month. She belonged, in a way he couldn’t begin to imagine.

“Let’s replace the drink you spilled.” Juliet cocked her head to one side. “For Larz? Forgive me, Marc, but are you well?”

“Yes.” Marc had to rein back his wayward emotions. He was not a novice soldier; he was a ghardian with years of training. He could handle any situation. With effort, he pulled his composure into place. “Who or what is Larz?”

“The lead singer of the band.”

“And Stella?”

Juliet’s lips twitched, as though she was trying not to laugh. At him. “The beer he’s drinking. I saw what happened. What were you doing?”

Trying to find you. He decided to ignore the question in favor of moving. Coming to the pub was a mistake. He was close to making a fool of himself. He’d buy the beer and continue on his way. The students were fine.

Juliet walked with him, and squeezed into a gap at his side when they reached the long bar top. “There it is.” She pointed to a glass cabinet behind the bartender. “Stella Artois. It’s good. You should try it while you’re here.”

He spun to look at her. “Are you intoxicated? I should take you back.”

“Of course not.” Her gurgle of laughter was unexpected. She leaned close to his ear and lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “I’ve drunk alcohol before, you know. And I bet you have too. Am I right?”

The bar staff were all busy, and Marc knew there was no chance of being served immediately. He wanted to say yes to her. To admit he kept a secret supply of Scottish-made vodka in his apartment. His anesthetic of choice. That would come close to admitting he needed the escape of alcohol sometimes.

Since the jury was still out on whether or not Juliet could be trusted, Marc said nothing. Instead, he glowered at the nearest member of staff, in the hope of being served. The music increased in volume, which made further conversation impossible, but Juliet stayed, her perfume teasing at his senses.

It was a few minutes before Marc was able to buy the replacement bottle of beer. He was about to hand over his money, when Juliet tugged on his sleeve. “Have one as well. This place closes soon, and we’re having a great time. I’d love for you to stay. Please.”

He hesitated. Why? What in heaven was stopping him from walking out of the door and doing his job?

Could he follow Juliet to her table, to sit with the students and make small talk? To laugh with them and be accepted by them? Even to get up and dance on the overcrowded floor?

“I’m your sentinel. Not your friend.” He couldn’t look at her. She was temptation in human form and would be his downfall. He slid a ten-pound note to the barman, told him to keep the change, and then handed the beer to Juliet. “Give this to Larz.”

Hurt shone in her eyes but Marc ignored it. He’d been picked for this mission because he had control of his emotions, and he’d make sure it stayed that way.







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