An open letter to Macmillan Publishing

Dear Publisher.

If we wanted to design the perfect aggregator, it would look a lot like Pronoun.

You created a clean and easy-to-use interface, with all the best features. Ranking information. Sales updates. New review notifications. Keyword suggestions.

Not only all that, but access to the coveted GooglePlay platform, access to Amazon without having to use KDP, a higher rate of royalties on 99c books – and you didn’t take any cut.

Like so many today, I was shocked and disappointed to hear you are closing doors on the Pronoun platform. I’ve lost count of the number of indie authors who are kicking themselves for not using you, or planned to switch to you just as we hear this news.

I speak for many indie authors when I say that we are sad to see this happen. And rumours are swirling through the media, as to why?

Have you been bought out? Run out of funding? Did Amazon put the squeeze on and force you to stop? Or were you just using this as a glossy cover for mining author data?

Nobody knows. Except you.

I have a suggestion. If funding is the issue, and you cannot continue with this free-pricing model, why not change it to take a percentage like other aggregators? If you were to do that we’d stay with you, for the most part. You could continue trading—at a profit, and we’d push even more business your way. Everybody wins.

Isn’t that better than leaving it like this, where we all lose?

Come on, Macmillan. You have the chance to turn a great business opportunity into an unbeatable one. Do the right thing.


Thank you.

Sofia Grey

#Pronoun #Macmillan #IndieAuthors #DoTheRightThing


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