The beauty of the re-read

Is there anything quite so delicious as immersing yourself in a great book? Yes. Re-reading it. There are times I want to play it safe with my reading, to spend more time with much-loved familiar characters, and to enjoy the way the action plays out all over again. I know how it will end. I … Continue reading The beauty of the re-read

An open letter to Macmillan Publishing

Dear Publisher. If we wanted to design the perfect aggregator, it would look a lot like Pronoun. You created a clean and easy-to-use interface, with all the best features.¬†Ranking information. Sales updates. New review notifications. Keyword suggestions. Not only all that, but access to the coveted GooglePlay platform, access to Amazon without having to use … Continue reading An open letter to Macmillan Publishing

Maryse has featured my Top 11 from 2015!

My Top 11 Reads of 2015 The¬†fabulous blogger Maryse has featured my top reads from 2015. She has the coolest book blog, and it's one of my Go To blogs every day, to see what everyone is reading. Anyway. My list was *supposed* to be a top 5, then a top 10, and finally finished … Continue reading Maryse has featured my Top 11 from 2015!