Falling out of love


“I don’t believe it,” I said. “How could you?”

There was no response.

I tried again. “You’re joking. Just messing around.”



My iPhone sat there, looking innocent. All my contacts for the last two years or so… gone. Vanished. Poof! My list of recent calls was just a list of random numbers, each from some weirdo called “unknown”.

Furious woman“Why?”

I clearly hadn’t gone past the pleading / disbelief stage.

“I need to call Jo.”

I called Jo yesterday – along with half a dozen other people – and now I’d no way of knowing which number to dial. Gone are the days of remembering all the phone numbers I ever needed. They were over a long time ago.

Maybe the numbers would still be in the contacts list, and there was just some trickery connecting the dots to recent calls?


Clutching-at-straws time.

Coz you see, the names had disappeared from contacts too. An unknown number of people had been culled – for no reason – without me doing anything. The only time I’ll be able to add them back is if / when they call me, and I have to answer when I haven’t got a freaking clue who’s on the other end of the phone. Don’t know about you, but I HATE that. Hate it with a passion. That’s one thing I love about smartphones – they tell you who’s calling. And that’s fantastic – until they don’t.

After having to go through my email to find Jo’s number (so slooooow), and adding him back as a contact, I had a brainwave. Two, actually.

  1. I asked Google. The answers, while sounding helpful, had no effect.
  2. I spent an hour going through my text messages, figuring out who I was speaking with in each, and recreating some of my contacts list from that. Equally slow. Painfully, tediously slow.


My last ditch attempt is to download the most recent bug-fix-update, and hope it works. If not… the conversation will go something like this.

Me: How can I trust you after this? I can’t. You might do it again.

Me: Don’t look at me like that. It’s not my fault you couldn’t do your job properly.

Me: *sigh* It’s not you, it’s me. Hang on…no, it IS you. I’m sorry, but I’m going to look at an upgrade. *cries*


…The update is still loading. Only time will tell…

Winged Kindle

Kindle Failure……. Or, how My Kindle reduced me to tears. Almost…


I’ve suffered several failures in my life so far. Catastrophic Shoe Failure at least twice. Car-failure is a common one. Lack-of-common-sense-while-drinking-jugs-of-Margarita has happened once or twice. iPod failure was panicky, but Kindle failure… Tears were not far away.

Luckily, I was with a good friend, and she took control of the situation. We’d been uploading some freebies and I think mine had just about reached capacity. Enough, it cried, but I foolishly ignored it. I’m full, it wailed, but did I listen? No.

Me: That’s odd….

A: What?

Me: (staring intently at Kindle) I’ve got a blank screen. A blank white screen. I’ve not seen that before.

A: (glancing across) Have you still got the swirly thing in the top corner?

Me: Yeeees, but it’s stuck. It’s not swirling.

A: (taking Kindle off me) Let me reboot it.

Me: (note of panic creeping in) Reboot it? Will I lose all my settings? My folders?

A: Probably. That’s what happened when I rebooted mine.

I stalled. It had taken me weeks to set up folders and tag all (well, most) of my books accordingly, and the thought of doing it again was painful! My swirly thing continued to stay frozen and I stared some more, while A (smarter than me) Googled FROZEN KINDLE for ideas.

A: Here we are. Hold the ON switch for 5 seconds.

Me: (holding switch) Oh no!! The swirly thing has gone altogether now!

A: Ah, that’s not good. Let’s try again. (frantic tapping continues on her iPad)

Me: (a hysterical note in my voice) Have I lost everything?

We did the reboot thing again, held the switch for longer, and it finally woke up. Yes? It murmured sleepily to me while I cuddled it to my chest.

A: But, have you still got your folders?

Several long and nail-biting minutes later, the folders began to reappear. Honestly, it felt as though my Kindle was teasing me. Go on, it would giggle, here’s the COWBOYS folder, but you can’t have the SEXY SHORTS back yet.

A kept me sane, fed me tea and homemade scones, and made sure that all was well before I finally went home – with my Kindle fully restored to normal. I swear it smirked at me.

I love my Kindle. It’s one of my most favoured possessions. It sleeps beside the bed in a handmade cover (designed and made by another friend) and travels almost everywhere with me. I joke that I spend more time with my Kindle than with my husband!

How did I exist in the DBK (Days Before Kindle)? Judging by the stack of paperbacks beside the bed, I must have read real books, but they seem strangely bulky now. You have to turn real pages. There’s no easy highlighting of my favourite sentences, no instant gratification when I download a new book.

As I explained to a colleague recently, Kindles are like dishwashers. Once you’ve bought one, you wonder how you ever managed before 🙂

(Images courtesy of 123rf.com)