Lockdown Larder – Day 27 (Tuesday)

#Failure Tuesday - Southern Fried Double-Coated Chicken   We’ve had great success with Popcorn Chicken recently, and decided to expand our fried chicken repertoire. Sadly, this was not such a success. I used the recipe from a nearby brewhouse, which sounded amazing. Using boneless chicken thighs, you marinade them in seasoned buttermilk for a few … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 27 (Tuesday)

Lockdown Larder – Day 23

Fusion Kebabs - with a side of Lamb Koftas   Tonight’s dinner fell definitely into Fusion as a menu option. We used the leftover Mexican ASADA beef, made spicy lamb koftas, and some Lebanese-style pita breads, and threw together a few salad accompaniments. The reason we had two meats is because there wasn’t enough beef … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 23