Get the first two books in Sofia Grey’s Talisman series for only $.99 each

If you like dark ‘n’ angsty paranormal romantic suspense, you’ll LOVE the Talisman series.
Book #1, OBSESSION, is available for $0.99, but for a short time, you can also grab book #2 at a discount. You can read them as standalones, but they are best as a series.

~ Book #2, CRAVING, is available for $0.99 until 2 February ~

A silhouette of a man sitting on his bike holding on to his woman.


A deal with a demon, a biker psychic and the girl who might just be his salvation… if the demon doesn’t get to her first.

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“A paranormal read that will scare you as much as it intrigues you” ~Cocktails & Books ~

Here’s an excerpt from CRAVING

I’d convinced myself Dante was just a means to an end, and then he smiled at me, his hard, uncompromising face lighting up for just a second. With his sharp cheekbones and proud chin, he looked almost beautiful, and my stomach turned cartwheels. His eyes glittered like diamonds, pale silver that appeared luminous in the badly lit room. I felt as though he was looking inside my head. He’d looked at each of us in turn, and while mentally kicking myself from here to London and back, I’d longed for his gaze to fall back on me.

Arrogant fuckwit. If he didn’t come up with the goods tonight, I’d tell Tristan it wasn’t working—see if he could get someone else. Even as I contemplated the impossibility of finding another medium at such short notice, I realized something had changed. I recognized the music instantly. Glen Miller’s Moonlight Serenade. Surely Melissa wasn’t listening to it outside? When the temperature dropped, I felt an icy trickle down my spine. Like an idiot, I held tighter on both sides, Dante and Tristan. Dante’s hand was warm against mine, his palm slightly calloused. The hand of a man who worked for a living. Tristan’s in comparison was smooth and cool.

Dante was speaking, but I didn’t pay any attention. There, flickering in the doorway, like a hologram on a bubble gum card, stood a man in uniform. A Royal Air Force uniform. Oh. My. God. I’d help to set up the room—there was no hidden projection unit, just our own equipment. I hoped to God it all worked. I could see the airman clearly. He was transparent in places, yet parts of him looked solid. I shivered, my breath hanging in front of my face. How could it be so cold, so quickly?

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6 Haunted Air Force Bases in England

~ Spooky October #2 ~


I grew up in a haunted house, and have had a few spooky encounters of my own. It’s no surprise I enjoy writing stories about psychics, and ghosts, and things that go bump in the night.

In the run up to World War 2, hundreds of air force bases were hastily constructed in England and haunted WW2 airfields now litter the English countryside. Most of them have either returned to the farms they were commandeered for, or built over and used for modern purposes. Some still remain, if you want to do some ghost hunting.

  1. RAF Davidstow Moor, Cornwall

Open from late 1942 until 1945. It is the highest airfield in the UK at 294 metres and as such suffered badly with low cloud and fog. There is a superb museum based near the airfield, the Davidstow Moor RAF Memorial Museum, with free admission.

I stumbled on this place years ago, and had my own déjà vu experience. Check out my story here: https://sofiagrey.com/2016/10/02/dreaming-of-ponies-and-a-control-tower/

  1. RAF Wigsley, Nottinghamshire

Reports of morse code tapping inside the control tower. The tower was recently put up for sale: http://thelincolnite.co.uk/2015/09/former-world-war-two-raf-control-tower-near-lincoln-put-on-the-market/

  1. RAF Coleby Grange, Lincolnshire

The derelict control tower is all that’s left of this base, and is said to be haunted by a guilt-ridden RAF officer. The mournful figure has been observed looking sadly from the top floor of the old control tower, his gaze taking in the over grown runway. Mysterious footsteps have also been heard in the top corridor.


  1. RAF Thorpe Abbotts, Norfolk

The control tower was restored in 1977 and was turned into the 100th Bomb Group Memorial Museum. Several World War II era buildings remain in various states of decay. There are several reports of ghost activity here. http://www.nightwatchmanchronicles.com/thorpe-abbots-haunted-airfield/

  1. RAF Wickenby, Lincolnshire

Shadowy figures walking near the runway, people whistling old songs, airmen spotted smoking cigarettes before vanishing, a pilot who walks into the control room and vanishes upstairs, mechanics running towards where the old hangars used to be and vanishing into thin air.

  1. RAF Hemswell, Lincolnshire

Today’s visitors to the former wartime airfield at RAF Hemswell report being challenged by sentries who vanish, or have seen men in vintage aircrew uniform walking or hanging around the hangers, and even heard 1940s’ music playing around the buildings.

Have you visited any spooky locations? Gone ghost hunting for yourself? Or do you think it’s a load of old hokum?

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ADDICTION is now live

Dark, paranormal romance? TICK

Ghosts, demons & angels? TICK

Krista teaser 2

Addiction, the 3rd in the Talisman Series is now live. If you like dark, paranormal romance, with demons, ghosts and angels, this is for you 🙂


Addiction_AP (1)

A dark compulsion.
A secret addiction.

Krista Inglewood’s addiction runs deep; she can’t survive without a regular fix. Her Talisman bracelet, stolen when she was a child, was the only thing that ever kept the craving at bay. Until she meets Matty. He sneaks under her defenses and calms the incessant noise in her head.

Matty knows Krista is bad news, but he can’t get enough of her. His first instinct is to help, but when he learns her addiction is linked to the sickness crippling his sister, he has to face the ugly truth.

Finding her missing Talisman may be the only thing that can save Krista.


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