Growing up in a Haunted House

#4 in the Spooky October series   Nope, that’s not code for something. I mean properly haunted. With a ghost.   Growing up, I was the youngest of three, and since my brother and sister were much older, I was more like an only child at home. I don’t remember much of the early manifestations, … Continue reading Growing up in a Haunted House

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

~ Spooky October #3 ~   According to The Scotsman Magazine (11 August 2014), the five most haunted castles in Scotland are: Meggernie Castle (Perthshire) Ethie Castle (nr Arbroath) Sanquhar Castle (Dumfries) Duntrune Castle (Argyll) Barcaldine Castle (Argyll) For more on these, read the article here: I mentioned six castles, but have only listed … Continue reading Six Haunted Scottish Castles

6 Haunted Air Force Bases in England

~ Spooky October #2 ~   I grew up in a haunted house, and have had a few spooky encounters of my own. It’s no surprise I enjoy writing stories about psychics, and ghosts, and things that go bump in the night. In the run up to World War 2, hundreds of air force bases … Continue reading 6 Haunted Air Force Bases in England

Dreaming of ponies and a control tower…

My spooky encounter with RAF Davidstow Moor, in Cornwall ~ Spooky October #1 ~   I dreamed of being inside an empty building. It was small inside, constructed entirely of concrete, and had a sad, abandoned feeling. I kicked my way through dried grass and leaves on the floor, walked up narrow concrete stairs and … Continue reading Dreaming of ponies and a control tower…