Book Review – Laura Kaye – Her Forbidden Hero


Laura Kaye is pretty much an Auto-Read for me, but there’s always that moment of anxiety. Will it meet my expectations? Or has she peaked and will I now feel muted disappointed? It’s a bit like opening the massive wrapped present under the Christmas tree… can it really be as good as I hope?
Her Forbidden Hero would be jumping right into some of my favourites tropes: ex-forces, tortured hero, best-friend’s-little-sister, PTSD…Yes! Thank God. It was Brilliant! I even messaged the author and apologised for going all fan-girly on her, but I wanted to Squeeeeeeeee!* deep breath *

Okay, with the gushing out of the way, here’s the review * grin *

Marco Vieri has been invalided out of the Special Forces, and feels guilt along with an unhealthy dose of PTSD. He’s trying very hard to re-make his life, working in a busy and noisy rock bar, when who should walk in but Alyssa Scott. His best-friend’s little sister, all grown up and gorgeous. He hasn’t seen her for nearly 2 years, not since he was wounded (and nearly died) in action.
She sees his scarred arm for the first time: Before her eyes, his grin and the happiness she’d seen in his eyes melted into discomfort so thick, it choked the air around them. Marco’s jaw ticked, telling her he felt it too. “So… what are you doing here?”

He’s horrified when she tells him she’s come for a job interview – even more so, when she gets the job. He’s always loved her – as a sister – but now he sees her for the woman she’s become.
He couldn’t decide which was worse: the raging hard-on he’d had half the night over the image of Alyssa bent over the hood of his car or the soul-stealing nightmares of the disaster that had left him less than a whole man. Both left his body aching. Both made it impossible to sleep worth a shit.

Marco is screwed. He can’t justify coming on to Alyssa, but he can’t stand to see her being chatted up by the other staff. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place, and the longer they work together, the harder it’s going to be.
After all, he’d been in the United States Army Special Forces, fuck you very much. You might take the man out of the SF, but you couldn’t take the SF out of the man. He’d been up against some of the world’s meanest and toughest. So, goddamn straight he could work his way around one young woman. Right?

This is the delicious and captivating story of Marco learning to allow himself to love the one person who should be off limits, and Alyssa not allowing him to hide any more.
Ever since Alyssa had cornered him in the hallway, peered up at him with those imploring brown eyes, and cupped his face in her hand, Marco had felt raw and exposed, like his skin no longer protected his insides.

The secondary characters were honest and believable, from the other members of the staff, to Brady, Alyssa’s brother. I was thrilled to learn that Brady’s story comes next in this series 🙂

Her Forbidden Hero was hot, sweet, moving and emotional. Angsty in places, with little flashes of humour, and as close to perfection for this genre as it’s possible to get. A glorious, glowing 5 star read 🙂 Thank you Laura Kaye 🙂


I found a fabuous page on GoodReads, where Laura Kaye chooses the 5-words that describe Marco Vieri – check it out:

And there’s a picture…. * swoon *

Marco Vieri

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